Proprietary Procurement Platform

Proprietary Procurement Platform

Employee Benefit Spend Management

We are proud to announce that iSolutions is one of a very select group of insurance brokers in the nation that is part of the Insurance Brokerage Exchange (IBX) alliance. IBX provides a state of the art platform for benefits procurement, combining innovative technology, an online pricing competition and industry leading expertise.

Since 2007, more than 600 contracts covering over 3.5 million employees have been negotiated and placed with top insurance carriers through the IBX platform. Employers have saved 25%, 35% and even 45% on their insurance costs—all while maintaining (or enhancing) their level of service and contractual provisions from the writing carriers. In several instances, these savings were realized within a year or just months after other brokers had run a bid process not using our platform.

Contact us to see how iSolutions and the IBX platform can help you join the quickly growing list of premier companies that have collectively saved over $600 million through successful bidding projects.